Are you ready to become a Certified Research Chef?

If so now is the time to start studying for the exam.

Three new classes

These three new classes are designed to cover all of the new RCA Certification Learning Objectives. Class titles are:

  • General Culinology®: Fifty two percent(52%) of the exam questions come from these objectives for both the Certified Research Chef® (CRC®) and the Certified Culinary Scientist® (CCS®). This class is for both CRC® and CCS® candidates.
  • Food Science and Engineering: The CRC® exam will include 37% of its questions from the learning objectives for food science and engineering; the CCS® exam will include 11% of its questions from this area. This class is designed for Chefs studying for the CRC® exam.
  • Culinary Arts: This CRC® exam will include 11% of its questions on culinary arts and the CCS® exam will include 22% of its questions from these learning objectives. This class is intended for food scientists studying for the CCS® exam.

    Check out the other pages on my website for more information about the classes.
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    Jill Golden MS RDN
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    In today’s world, competition and competency is imperative now more than ever. The RCA solidifies food and science, making it Culinology. Being certified is an accomplishment to say the least. With an enormous depth of varying subjects, taking the classes with Jill Golden is extremely recommended. For me, I felt it was mandatory.  Anthony Glorioso – Food Science Basics 2017

CRC & CCS Online Study Courses for 2020

Announcing the CRC & CCS Online Study Courses for 2020

Thinking about becoming a Certified Research Chef or Certified Culinary Scientist through the Research Chefs Association. Why not start studying now to be ready for the exam at RCA in 2021. Completion of all three classes will review all of the RCA Certification Committee Learning Objectives. You will come away with a notebook of carefully reviewed learning objectives and lots of experience taking online multiple choice questions.

  • Culinary Arts 1/16 – 3/26/2020 (10 weeks) covering the Culinary Arts Learning Objectives, you would hate to miss a culinary question on the exam. Take this course as a review. $700 for RCA Members, $800 for Non-members.
  • General Culinology 5/14-8/27/2020 (15 weeks), these learning objectives cover 52% of the exam questions for both CRC & CCS exams. $1,000 for RCA Members, $1,200 for Non-members.
  • Food Science & Engineering 9/17 – 12/3 (10 weeks), covering the food science learning objectives. $700 for RCA Members, $800 for Non-members.
  • 10% discount for second and third class. Registration and payment is only required for one class at a time.

Here is the course syllabus containing important dates and class information Online Course Syllabus 2020

Registration is now available for upcoming classes on my website GoldenFoodScience.com

I look forward to having you in class, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Jill Golden jillgolden2@me.com  

Food Science and Engineering Starts July 25th

My all new online study course covering the Learning Objectives of Food Science and Engineering is starting July 25. Now is the time to start studying for the CRC/CCS exams. The course will cover the chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids, protein along with microbiology, fermentation, commercial food processing, packaging, testing and shelf life.

Upon completion of the course you will have study sheets covering all of the RCA Certification Committee Learning Objectives in this section. Contact me for more information. jillgolden2@me.com

I hope to see you in class soon.


New CRC/CCS Exam Study Classes for 2019

Exciting News: All New CRC/CCS Online Exam Study Classes coming in 2019

  • General Culinology starts April 4, 2019 and runs for 15 weeks covering the General Culinology Learning Objectives. This class is recommended for both CRC and CCS candidates.
  • Food Science and Engineering will start July 25, 2019 and run for 10 weeks. This class is recommended for CRC candidates since it covers the science learning objectives on the exam, but the class is open to all.
  • Culinary Arts starts January 16 and runs for 10 weeks. This class is recommended for CCS candidates since it covers the culinary learning objectives on the exam, but the class is open to all.

New with these classes will be Study Sheet Assignments so at the end of the class you will have a full notebook of study sheets to review before the exam.

If you do not already have it get the new RCA Certification Committee Learning Objectives 

Find out more about the new classes on my website GoldenFoodScience.com 

I am planning on attending the open session of the CRC/CCS Reception at the Conference, looking forward to meeting you there. The first 45 minutes are closed to the general membership but we will be allowed in after that. I hope to see you there.

Please contact me for more information JillGolden2@me.com