Culinary Arts Online Class

Is your new year’s resolution to become a Certified Research Chef (CRC) or Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS) then NOW is the time to start preparing.

The all new online course in Culinary Arts will be starting on January 16th. This class will cover the Culinary Arts Learning Objectives 2019 created by the Research Chefs Association Certification Committee to guide you in studying for the exam. This class is recommended for CCS candidates but a good review for CRC candidates.

Culinary Arts represents 11% of the exam for CRC candidates and 37% for CCS candidates. Topics covered include:

  • C. 1 Principles of Culinary Arts
    • C.1.a Kitchen Tools and Equipment
    • C.1.b Baking and Pastry Fundamentals
    • C.1.c Principles of Cooking
    • C.1.d Product Presentation
    • C.1.e Traditional Stocks, Sauces & Soups
  • C.2 Culinary Research and Development
    • C.2.a Culinary Gold Standard
    • C.2.c Recipe Development and Formula Rations
    • C.2.d Regional & World Cuisines

“It is a lot to study and the structure of the class breaks it down into manageable parts. Jill is knowledgeable and always available to answer questions.” Jonathan Deutsch General Culinology 2019

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I look forward to helping you successfully prepare for the class. Jill