Sample Lesson Carbohydrate

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Food Science Basics – Carbohydrates.

RCA Certification Committee Study Guide 2016

Knowledge of Carbohydrates

    1. Identify important food sugars, the chemical reactions they participate in, and their functional properties.
    2. Identify various sources of gums, their differences and functional properties in food processing.

Knowledge of Functional Ingredients

3) Explain the function and benefits of food starches in food systems.


  • Culinology text
    • Ch. 2: Carbohydrate pages 22-24
    • Ch. 8: Carbohydrate-Based Foods pages 128-165
  • Essentials of Food Science
    • Chapter 3 Carbohydrates in Food Introduction pages 27-37
    • Chapter 4 Starches in Food pages 39-51
    • Chapter 5 Pectins and Gums pages 53-61

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